Did you know...

- You are entitled to ride in a cab by yourself without any passengers.
  You must give permission for others to ride with you!

-Every cab shall be well painted and in good appearance, interior and exterior.

-Taxicabs shall be kept clean. Every taxicab operated in the village of Massena shall be kept in a clean and sanitary condition and shall be swept and dusted at least once a day. The interior, woodwork, glass and floor shall be cleaned throughly with a suitable antiseptic solution.

-The baggage compartment of every vehicle shall be clean and capable of holding passengers baggage.

-Cabs shall be kept in repair. Every taxicab shall be kept in such condition of repair as may be reasonably necessary to provide for the safety of the public and for continuous satisfactory operation.

-The Chief of Police shall maintain constant vigilance over all taxicabs to see that they are kept in a condition of continued fitness for public use, and to this end, he shall inspect or cause to be inspected all taxicabs from time to time, as hereinbefore provided for, or on the complaint of any citizen as often as may be necessary.

All above items and more can be found in the Massena Village code chapter 270.
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